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We provide emergency electrical service to the following 
Long Island zip codes:

11026, 11030, 11542, 11545, 11560, 11576, 11590, 11701, 11704, 11714, 11721, 11725, 11729, 11731, 11732, 11735, 11740, 11743, 11746, 11747, 11751, 11753, 11754, 11765, 11768,
11771, 11787, 11791, 11797, 11803

We recommend and install Briggs & Stratton, Generac & Guardian emergency backup systems and generator systems for your home or business. Power outages occur not only during rain, ice and snow storms, but for a variety of other reasons:  power utility overload, brownouts, auto accidents are among a few of those.  

Emergency backup systems are manual or automatic, and will switch you from electric company power to generator power. This takes place via a 'Transfer Switch'. Manually switched generator systems require the property owner to switch the 'Power Transfer System' from the utility company power source to the generator source, and then start (either manual or electric) the generator. Automatic transfer switches are designed not to require any action or intervention. With a variety of options available, Giudici Electric can custom-tailor your backup system to your specific needs and budget. 

Learn more about automatic backup systems.