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No need to suffer through extended power outages!  Keep your business running, and perishable food items cold with an emergency backup generator.  An emergency generator is always on standby to help you survive electrical power outages at your residence or business.  We can install and wire a new portable or automatic generator system that connects to the electric panel of your home or office, providing you with quick power and lighting.  

Q.  How does an automatic backup generator system work?

1.  The automatic transfer switch monitors incoming voltage from the utility line.

2.  When utility power is interrupted, the transfer switch senses the problem and signals the generator to begin supplying electricity.

3.  The electrical circuits in your home or business are automatically disconnected from the utility power line and reconnected to your generator unit, which continues to supply electricity.

4.  When utility power is restored, the electrical circuits in your home or business are automatically disconnected from your generator and reconnected to your utility power line.
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We provide emergency electrical service to the following 
Long Island zip codes:

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