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Landscape Lighting
Landscape lighting can enhance the exterior of your home, transforming your landscape, patio, pool or walkway into a dramatic nighttime haven.  Landscape lighting not only improves the exterior of your home, but also adds the element of safety and security.  We provide custom landscape lighting installations in Long Island's Suffolk and Nassau counties.
Designing a Landscape Lighting System

There are two types of lighting systems to choose from when designing a system. They are 120 volt (line voltage) and 12 volt (low voltage). Each system has its advantages and disadvantages.

Giudici electricians will consult with you to determine the best option for your home or business landscape needs.  We will recommend specific lighting fixtures and placement to achieve the beautiful night time look and the security that you seek.

Click on a photo below to view a larger image and to scroll through examples of Long Island landscape lighting installations:
12 Volt (low voltage)

  • 12-volt power supply reduces the risk of electric shock
  • Shallow cable depth
  • Smaller fixtures allowing less visibility

  • Not for larger lighting projects
  • Voltage drop. Limits the amount of fixtures on circuit and distance of lights.
  • Smaller maximum bulb wattage (limitations on up-lighting tall trees or far distances)

120 Volt (line voltage)

  • Accommodates lighting larger areas
  • Brilliant illumination for tall trees or far distances
  • Higher maximum lamp wattage in fixtures

  • Can only be installed by a licensed and insured master electrician
  • Higher voltage
  • Deeper cable depth

Lighting Techniques

Both 120 volt and 12-volt systems can be used together to achieve the balance necessary for your installation. There are various methods to properly light your property or home such as path lighting, down lighting, up-lighting and several others. These techniques will vary depending on the scene you are trying to create.

Giudici Electric has been installing landscape lighting systems for 53 years. We are licensed master electricians that can assist in designing and installing your system. It is very important that your system is installed by a licensed and insured electrician to properly protect you and your home.
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Create drama and increase night time curb appeal with strategically placed landscape lighting by Kichler.
The beauty of this patio is enhanced with lighting elements that create an inviting outdoor living space.
Landscape lighting offers safety and architectural interest in this woodland/garden walkway.  Fixtures were installed to light the path as well as to accent landscape plantings for nighttime drama.
Landscape lighting fixtures offer design interest even in daylight hours.
Lighting was installed to highlight the unique waterfall effects in this back yard pond.
Kichler path lights encourage progression along this garden's stone stairway.